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Our Team

We're an eclectic mix of artisans & crafts people joined together by our love of woodlands.   We share a vision of a beautiful wild land that can be enjoyed by all.

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Sarah Hayes

Traditional Crafts

 Sarah is an artist, sculptor, & expert in traditional woodland management including coppicing and charcoal burning. 
Sarah is the enthusiastic and warm person who will make sure everything about your stay is as good as it can be.   

Image by Husen Siraaj

George Sayer


George is our professional ecologist.  An expert on trees & bats with over a decade of experience in habitat enhancement. He's also an skilled wood turner and an all round excellent person with an intriguing array of hobbies.


Tom Hayes


Tom's flair for design is backed by a deep knowledge about traditional building techniques.  He creates beautiful buildings with a sustainable ethos that celebrate heritage skills.   He's the driving force behind Oakwood West and a top bloke. 

Chris Hodgson


Every estate needs a wise man of the woods, Chris is ours.  A deep thinker and nature lover. He creates the most exquisite hand painted murals of wildlife, inspired by his long walks and deep understanding of the British countryside.


John Hayes


John has a instinctive understanding of trees and the ways that they grow.  He is a highly regarded tree surgeon and skilled woodland manager.  He has a light touch that reinvigorates the woodland and allows wildlife to flourish.  


Amy Stride


Amy is a gentle soul with a deep affection for the South Downs.  She creates content for the website based on whatever has piqued her interest as she wanders around the woodland.  Botany & bees are her favourite subjects... and food.

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