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Our Wilding Journey...

"It's a joy to be able to be part of a renaturing project at Oakwood West.  We are fully committed to rehabilitating the woodland and local landscape to ensure that species of all kinds can flourish."


G. Sayer. Ecologist. 

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Renaturing Project

Our rewilding project began over a decade ago when we first began to manage the woodland.   Plantation trees are slowly being removed and the woodland is returning to be a diverse mix of native species which are significantly more beneficial for wildlife.  Much of the wood that has been harvested has been used to build timber framed buildings on site and as cladding on our lodges.  It's a beautiful material that has allowed us to utilise a myriad of traditional skills & crafts, and ensure a low carbon footprint. 

Rewilding Successes

Every year we are seeing more species return to use the woodland.  From the Hobbys that grace the skies in the Summer, to the reclusive and rare dormice.  

We have sighted hundreds of different species over the years that we have been caring for the woodland and we hope to welcome many more in the future.

Getting Involved

As a visitor to Oakwood West Estate you are helping to support a thriving woodland.  

If you'd like to be involved as a volunteer please join our mailing list or contact us and we'll be in touch with any opportunities.


Report any nature sightings to iRecord to help with the ongoing ecology of the site. 

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