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Traditional Management

Oakwood West Estate is managed sensitively to protect and enhance biodiversity.  Traditional coppicing methods and hedge laying techniques provide low carbon materials and create bountiful habitats for wildlife.

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Grown in Britain

We're proud to have Grown in Britain certification. 

It's a groundbreaking scheme designed to enhance the UK timber industry by protecting, enhancing and increasing woodlands and to ensure that harvesting is done in a responsible way.  It aims to reduce imports of timber into the UK, whilst promoting healthy and biodiverse woodland management for a strong economy, the recovery of nature and the wellbeing of all.  It's an assurance that any product that you buy from us has been produced in our woodland in a legal and sustainable way.

The Trees

Oakwood West has fantastic diversity in its material makeup.  It is termed as PAWS, Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site, but different areas have developed and been managed (or not managed) in different ways in the years gone by.  


We have some lovely swathes of Sweet Chestnut and Hazel coppice which we are slowly bringing into a rotation that suits our needs, as well as the woodlands ecological needs. This provides fantastic potential habitat for Dormice, butterflies, hedgehogs and other traditional and endangered species.


We have areas of dense confier and other areas where the native Oak is pushing through and the conifer has been thinned to favour these majestic trees.  Oakwood West is a fantastic wood in which to see a plethora of woodland practices and management, ecology and landscape.   Time spent here revives the soul and gives renewed vigour and inspiration.

Flora & Fauna

We already have a great number of wild flowers, fungi, and other assorted flora flourishing in our woods.  Dogs Mecury, Dog Violets, Primroses, Bluebells, Wild Orchids to name but a few.


We are also lucky to have a plethora of beasts, big and small, that call our woodland their home.  Roe and Fallow Deer, Foxes, Rabbits, Squirrels, Voles, Butterflies of all sorts and solitary Bees for the all important pollination!

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